Here you can find details of our planned work and reports on progress so far.

Forward Work Plan

The CMAG Forward Work Plan details all changes currently being progressed by CMAG as well as any other key CMAG activities. Each item on the Forward Work Plan has an estimated timescale associated with it. Download the latest CMAG Forward Work Plan below:

Six Monthly Report

The Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) Six Monthly Report explains the activities and achievements of the CMAG between October to March and April to September of each year. The report includes a summary of the Change Proposals considered, a summary of key items discussed by the CMAG that sit outside of Change Proposals and any feedback from key stakeholders and parties on the operation of the CMAG. Each Six Monthly Report is reviewed and agreed by the CMAG and sent to Ofgem on publication.

Latest Six Monthly Report

Our Six Monthly Report has been published for October 2023 to March 2024.

What’s in the Report?

  • Foreword (Page 3)
  • Proposals submitted to Ofgem (Page 5)
  • Proposals with Ofgem for decision (Page 7)
  • Ofgem decisions (Page 8)
  • Other work conducted by the CMAG (Page 9)
  • Forward Work Plan (Page 9)
  • CMAG Members Feedback Survey (Page 12)
  • Attendance (Page 12)

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