This page explains the process for submitting a CMAG Change Proposal. Please read through this information prior to submitting a change.


CM Rules Change Proposal Form


To raise a change, you can complete the CM Rules Change Proposal Form (Word), and submit to [email protected].

The CMAG Secretariat will provide all Proposers with ‘critical friend’ support to ensure there is appropriate level of detail in the Change Proposal to ensure productive CMAG prioritisation and development.

Alongside the CMAG Secretariat’s ‘critical friend’ work, CM Delivery Partners, Ofgem, and DESNZ will complete their own assessment of the proposal form.

The CMAG Secretariat will provide guidance to the Propose during this process and create content for the CMAG Meeting.

Guidance on Urgency and Confidentiality

Proposers are entitled to request that their CM Rules Change Proposal be treated as Urgent at any time, and must provide suitable justification, including against Ofgem’s criteria for urgency.

Ofgem Criteria for Urgency

Proposers are entitled to request that their CM Rules Change Proposal be treated as Urgent at any time, and must provide suitable justification (quantified where possible), including against Ofgem’s criteria for urgency.
An urgent proposal must be in accordance with Ofgem’s principal objectives and have regard to the CM Rule Change objectives. It should be linked to an imminent or current issue, and one which if not urgently addressed may:

  • affect the efficient operation of the capacity market; and/or
  • have a significant commercial impact on capacity market participants, possible capacity market participants, consumers or other stakeholders.
Confidential Proposals

A Proposer may request that any part of their Proposal be treated as confidential, subject to suitable justification as agreed with the CMAG Secretariat. For example, this may be where supporting data/analysis is commercially sensitive. Please note that all confidential information will be shared with Ofgem.

If a Proposer wishes to submit confidential information directly to Ofgem, it may do so.

CMAG Surgery

The CMAG Surgery is intended for industry and stakeholders that are considering raising a CM Rules change, but would like to discuss their idea with other CM experts before formally raising it.

It is held at every CMAG Meeting, and offers industry and stakeholders the opportunity to attend CMAG with an idea for a CM Rules Change. CMAG can help assess ideas, provide guidance and determine appropriate routes to address any issues.

If you have an item for the next CMAG Surgery, please contact [email protected].

CMAG Development

Proposers will be invited to attend a CMAG Meeting to present their Proposal Form to CMAG. CMAG will prioritise the change in line with other active changes, and it will be added to the CMAG Forward Work Plan (Excel).

CMAG will assess the issue and solution presented, confirming any impacts to both Participants and Consumers. Proposers will be invited to attend all CMAG Meetings where their proposal is being discussed.

CMAG will answer a list of Standard Change Proposal Questions during the development stage, and confirm if any specific questions are required for the proposal. Proposers will be requested to share their responses to the Standard and specific questions relating to their Change Proposal.

Delivery Partner Impact Assessment

The CMAG Secretariat will work with Delivery Partners to complete an Impact Assessment of all CM Rules Change Proposals. This Impact Assessment will consider:

  • Technical feasibility of the solution;
  • Implementation and ongoing costs for implementation;
  • Expected impacts to Delivery Partners; and
  • Expected timescales for implementation.

The Impact Assessment will be scheduled to be discussed at the next CMAG Meeting.

CMAG Recommendation

CMAG will look to make a recommendation to Ofgem to approve or reject for each CM Rules Change Proposal it receives. The recommendation will be noted within the CM Rules Change Proposal report for that change; which will include:

  • Issue the Change Proposal seeks to address
  • Proposed solution, including legal text
  • CMAG Development summary
  • Delivery Partner Impact Assessment responses
  • CMAG Recommendation.

Ofgem Statutory Consultation and Decision

All CM Rules Change Proposals are subject to Ofgem’s Statutory Consultation.