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Increasing flexibility for SPD Portfolios

Date Raised: 09 April 2024
Reference number: CP377
CP377 proposes changes to allow for greater flexibility to meet the Satisfactory Performance Days (SPD) milestone.

Clarifying restrictions on the role of Agent

Date Raised: 05 December 2023
Reference number: CP376
A proposal to amend Rule 3.3.5 for greater clarity, to ensure that those with the ability to bid in the CM auctions are acting independently so that the market remains competitive.

Merging Capacity Market Units

Date Raised: 15 November 2023
Reference number: CP375
Category: Assurance
This amendment would allow Capacity Market Unit (CMU) to be merged after Prequalification, facilitating greater commercial flexibility and efficiency and helping to manage Capacity Market costs.

Splitting Capacity Market Units

Date Raised: 15 November 2023
Reference number: CP374
Category: Assurance
This amendment would allow Capacity Market Units (CMUs) to be split after Prequalification, subject to the total Connection Capacity and Generating Technology Class being unchanged.

Process Transfer from EMR Delivery Body to CM Settlement Body

Date Raised: 09 August 2023
Reference number: CP373
Category: Governance
A proposal to transfer roles and responsibilities from the EMR Delivery Body (EMR DB) to the CM Settlement Body (CMSB) for Metering Aggregation, Metering Assessment, Metering Test and DSR Component reallocation. This could reduce complexity and cost.

Change to Rule 4.4.4

Date Raised: 18 July 2023
Reference number: CP372
Category: Assurance
A proposal to amend Rule 4.4.4 to allow a Capacity Market Unit to change its configuration after prequalification, so long as it does not lower its derated capacity, and continues to meet its Auction Acquired Capacity Obligation (AACO).

Protection from Very Late Network Connections

Date Raised: 07 June 2023
Reference number: CP371
Category: Assurance
A proposal to amend Capacity Market Rules in situations where a Transmission Licensee (TL)/Distribution Network Operator (DNO) delays a connection date by over 1 year.

Changes to Extended Performance Test

Date Raised: 13 March 2023
Reference number: CP370
Category: Assurance
This Change Proposal seeks to amend the methodology for Extended Performance Test, to better reflect the ability of storage assets to meet its contracted volume and duration.

Secondary Trading with CMU Metering Aggregation Rules

Date Raised: 01 December 2022
Reference number: CP369
Category: Metering
A proposed change to the legal text of Capacity Market Rule 9.2.5(b) to prevent Secondary Trading where Capacity Market Units (CMUs) do not have metering aggregation rules set up and approved.