The EMR Delivery Body has a number of deliverables in relation to the Capacity Market, including:

  • Preparation, delivery to the Secretary of State and publication of an annual Electricity Capacity Report, containing an assessment of the amount of capacity that is needed for a Delivery Year;
  • Publication of Auction Guidelines before the start of a Prequalification Window, containing information on when auctions are to start, details on how to apply to prequalify, the timetable and the De-rating Factor of each Generating Technology Class set out in the Capacity Market Rules 2014 (as amended);
  • Determining the Prequalification of all Applications and notifying each Applicant of its decision;
  • Reconsidering its Prequalification decision if requested by the Applicant;
  • Notifying Prequalification results to the Secretary of State;
  • Advising the Secretary of State on the need to adjust the demand curve for each Capacity Auction;
  • Holding Capacity Auctions and notifying the auction results to the Secretary of State, bidders and the public;
  • Establishing and maintaining the Capacity Market Register, containing – amongst other things – details of each Capacity Agreement awarded following a Capacity Auction; and
  • Termination of Capacity Agreements when required under the Regulations.

Information for Capacity Providers

The below section contains information from EMR DB for Capacity Providers.

EMR DB Guidance

The EMR DB provides guidance on Agreement Management, Capacity, CM Information and Prequalification.

View Guidance on EMR DB website

CM Registers

The EMR DB has an obligation to create and maintain Capacity Market Registers (CMR) for all Auctions held.

View CM Registers on EMR DB website

Capacity Auction Information

The EMR DB publishes its Auction Guidelines and Results in line with its obligations within the CM Rules.

View Capacity Auction Information on EMR DB website

System Stress Events

The EMR DB held a webinar on System Stress Events on 20 October 2022. Materials, including FAQs are available to view online.

View System Stress Event Webinar Materials on EMR DB website

Capacity Reports

The EMR DB annually publishes its Electricity Capacity Report and Security of Supply related documents.

View Capacity Reports on EMR DB website