About the Capacity Market Advisory Group

The Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) plays a role in developing, analysing, prioritising and making recommendations to Ofgem for changes to the Capacity Market (CM) Rules. The CMAG comprises of impartial expert Capacity Market participant members as well as other key stakeholders.


The CMAG Objectives are:

  • Ensuring CM Rule changes submitted to Ofgem via CMAG further Ofgem’s principal objective.
  • Presenting recommendations in a clear, robust and well evidenced manner.
  • Operating and administrating in an efficient, impartial, and transparent manner.

The CM Rules Change Objectives:

In addition to having regard to Ofgem’s Principal Objective, the CM Rules Change Objectives, outlined in the Regulations, are as follows:

  • Promoting investment in capacity to ensure security of electricity supply.
  • Facilitating the efficient operation and administration of the Capacity Market.
  • Ensuring the compatibility of the Capacity Market Rules with other subordinate legislation under Part 2 of the Energy Act 2013.

CMAG Meetings

Joining CMAG Meetings

Our CMAG meetings are held both virtually and in-person. If you would like to participate or spectate in an open session of a meeting, please contact us.

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We record CMAG meetings for quality and training purposes.
These recordings are used solely by Elexon, they are not published or made available to any meeting attendees.
By attending and/or participating in the CMAG meeting you agree that your contributions at the CMAG meeting will be recorded.