The Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) has been established to enable the CM Rules change process to become more dynamic and adaptive to changing market conditions. CMAG endeavours to increase transparency and promote collaboration between industry parties when developing, scrutinising, and prioritising CM Rules changes.


The CMAG Secretariat supports the administrative activities of the Group.

Amy Stackhouse, Elexon

I am a Change Lead at Elexon, with a focus on the Capacity Market. I am responsible for change and secretariat services to the Capacity Market Advisory Group.

Chris Arnold, Elexon

I am a Senior Change Lead at Elexon, with a focus on the Capacity Market. Prior to this, I was a Senior BSC Change Analyst, responsible for researching, coordinating and progressing BSC changes along with identifying and assessing the potential impact of those changes.

Lawrence Jones, Elexon

My role as Head of Rules Management is to oversee the Change team, the Committees and the Document Management processes. Rules Management is accountable for maintenance of the BSC through governance (via committees and panels) and leading the BSC change process.

Phillip Paul, Elexon

I am an independent management consultant who has worked around Electricity Market Reform since 2013, initially with DECC (now DESNZ), then LCCC/ESC and then EMRS. During this time I worked on the development of the Capacity Market regulations, rules, target operating model, end-to-end business process model and settlement systems.


The CMAG Members are industry nominated and approved by Ofgem. The CMAG supports the development and prioritisation of CM Rule changes.

Brian Lake

I started my energy industry career with British Gas and was lucky (or not) to have witnessed some fundamental changes to the industry (privatisation, dash for gas, British Gas de-merger). After some time away from the industry where I worked in the retail and financial sectors, I was drawn back in and for the past seventeen years I’ve worked for E.ON UK. Within E.ON UK I’ve been fortunate to work across a number of sectors which includes Customer and Market Analysis, Renewables, Trading, Upstream and Downstream Strategy and for the last five years, I’ve been the Capacity Market Manager with the responsibility of managing the complete Capacity Market process for E.ON UK. This role has given me a comprehensive understanding of how the Capacity Market operates and all the associated advantages and disadvantages, experience that will be beneficial as a member of the CMAG.

Claire Addison

I am Head of Regulation at Flexitricity, having previously worked for AES. I am an international expert in electricity system flexibility, with detailed experience in GB, Northern Ireland and Ireland, and knowledge of North American and European markets.

Claire Sedgewick

I have worked at Drax since 2009 and am currently Head of Industry Frameworks. I have been heavily involved in all aspects of the Capacity Market since its inception. My responsibilities at Drax include compliance with renewable support schemes, including RO and CFD, as well as Grid connection arrangements. I work closely with colleagues on Grid Code, CUSC, Balancing Services and Ancillary Services issues, all of which will be relevant to CMAG. Prior to working in the energy industry, I worked as a solicitor for Pinsent Masons LLP and Allen & Overy LLP.

Eleanor Haynes

Eleanor joins the CMAG with over seven years of experience in the Capacity Market, including providing technical and advisory services relating to the energy sector.

Libby Glazebrook

I have worked for ENGIE and its predecessors since 2000 where I am responsible for policy and regulatory activities for ENGIE’s First Hydro pumped storage business in the UK. This responsibility ranges from the detailed level of individual code changes to the bigger picture of market design to deliver net zero and all the associated engagement with key stakeholders through bilateral discussions, trade associations and responses to consultations. I have a deep knowledge of the Capacity Market (CM) from its development in 2010. I led ENGIE’s response to Electricity Market Reform and the development of the CM, responding to the various CM consultations; I have raised CM Rule changes and responded to all of the Ofgem consultations relating to the CM. I advise ENGIE’s generation and retail businesses on the CM Rules.

Mark Duffield

I have worked in the electricity industry for over 20 years and have been heavily involved since 2012 in the development, operation and participation in the GB Capacity Market. I have a wide-ranging knowledge of the existing capacity market rules, and a keen interest in playing an active role to ensure that the GB Capacity Market is fit for purpose and is able to respond to the challenges the electricity system faces in the coming years.

Paul Jones

I have over 30 years’ experience of market rules and regulatory issues in both retail and wholesale electricity markets in GB, first at the electricity regulator OFFER before working within retail, generation and trading businesses. My areas of expertise include the Capacity Market Rules and Regulations, the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC), Balancing Services, the Balancing and Settlement Code, Code Governance, wider electricity regulation such as relevant Acts and licensing, Grid Code, network access and charging, plus retained European Regulations. I have worked on a wide number of industry changes and projects including the introduction of Retail and Agent Competition in electricity, NETA, BETTA, Project Transmit and Electricity Market Reform (EMR), and have been a member of a number of governmental and regulatory expert groups (including the EMR Institutional Framework Expert Group), code modification workgroups and the CUSC Panel.

Raoul Thulin

I started in the industry in 1998 at National Power as a commercial analyst within the Ancillary Services team. With the introduction of NETA, responsibilities included numerous CUSC and BSC Working Groups with a focus on developing commercial frameworks for a number of services. After managing the Ancillary Services team for a number of years, I led the project to prepare RWE for the introduction of the Capacity Market. This included active participation in the numerous industry meetings where some of the details of the Rules and Regulations were developed. Since the start of the Capacity Market, RWE has been a major participant in the auctions, with existing as well as new-build assets. It has taken part in a number of capacity agreement trades, as well as being instrumental, through Energy UK, in the development of standard terms for post-System-Stress-Event trading of over/under delivery.

Richard Thwaites

I am Founder and CEO at Penso Power, a developer, owner, and operator of grid-scale battery energy storage assets. I was formerly Chairman at Limejump, a leading energy technology company, prior to the acquisition of that company by Shell in 2019. I spent a large part of my career in investment banking roles at Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and Emergent Capital Partners.

Sarah Honan

I am Policy Manager for Demand Side Flexibility (DSF) representing a diverse range of aggregators, suppliers and software providers. The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) is the leading trade association for decentralised energy, representing more than 150 interested parties from across the industrial, commercial and public sectors. In particular, the ADE advocates for stronger market signals to unlock the potential of DSF, a better public and political understanding of the industry and increased focus on the policy gaps that exist in achieving government flexibility targets for 2035 and beyond.

Sophie Lethier

I am a Policy Manager in Energy UK’s Investment Team, responsible for policy areas including the Capacity Market, Ancillary Services and Future Market Design. Energy UK is the trade association for the industry with over 100 members from established FTSE 100 companies to growing suppliers and generators, and represents the majority of the energy sector excluding networks and upstream oil and gas. Prior to joining Energy UK, I worked at UK100, leading on sustainable finance policy and parliamentary advocacy.


Representatives are non-voting individuals from central organisations involved in the Capacity Market.

Andrew Macdonell

Andrew Macdonell is the Ofgem Representative for CMAG, and is responsible for executing Ofgem’s regulatory duties in relation to the Capacity Market

Beth Hanna

Beth Hanna is the EMR Delivery Body Strategy and Policy Manager, and acts as the EMR Delivery Body Representative for CMAG.

Maryam Khan

Maryam Khan is the Head of Domestic Market Management at Ofgem, and acts as the Ofgem Representative for CMAG. Maryam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from various roles within Ofgem including GSO and ESO Regulation.

Ross Haigh

Over the last 9 years, I have worked in Gemserv, Elexon and LCCC (ESC) focused within the energy industry. I have been heavily involved in the development of the Electricity Market Reform programme, from helping set up the Settlement systems in EMRS and supported and helped deliver all Settlement CM changes in the last few years, with CM restart being the most crucial. Within LCCC/ESC I am also responsible for developing integrated settlement services for new Net Zero schemes such as CCUS. Before this I was the Lead Business Analyst in LCCC looking after settlements services.